Witnessing your city change and blossom is like watching your own child grow. This is exactly what’s happening to Malaga. Having lived in this province for over 12 years, I’m currently seeing this beautiful city go through a big metamorphosis and slowly but surely turn into an eclectic city and take the position it rightly deserves. No wonder it is considered the new Barcelona!
The more I visit Malaga, the more I fall in love with its new trendy image. This new image is certainly attracting residents from all over Spain and millions of tourists from near and far. So why is our Malaga so special?

Location, location, location. Malaga’s position on the South coast of Spain plays a  big role in its success: two hours by plane from most European cities, a strategic rebuilt port receiving cruise ships from around the globe;  Europeans, Americans and Asians are flooding the colorful streets on a daily basis. Add to this a Mediterranean beautiful weather all year round and Malaga is magical!!!

Malaga, with its ‘mile of art’, is currently home to a number of art museum: from the renowned Picasso museum to the Pompidou centre. Many art galleries and museums have chosen Picasso’s hometown to open their doors, making Malaga the province’s city of culture. With art came the cool trendy neighborhoods, cafés and shops. Malaga is even more sophisticated.

This happy city conquers all the hearts with its beautiful sandy beaches, food culture, activities, and the endless variety of festivals and fairs. Big and small can find what their heart desire.

Maybe I’m being a little bit biased for my city, but the statistics and the increasing number of visitors every year is a true indication of Malaga’s increasing fame. This ancient city of more than two thousand eight hundred years is as young and vibrant as ever.
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