Cancelada is one of the fastest growing villages on the Costa del Sol making it one of the hottest places to invest.

As the old marketing adage says ‘location, location, location’ is one of the greatest assets a physical address can have, and Cancelada is second to none.

To understand the reason behind the Cancelada boom, have a look below.

Location of Cancelada

What’s It Like?

What’s In The Area?

The Residents

Why Is It Booming?

Places To Stay

Apartment Rental

Property in Cancelada


Located on the easter edge of the municipality of Estepona, the village of Cancelada (or more truthfully, a small town) is slap bang in the middle of the booming New Golden Mile.

This New Golden Mile, which is more like ten miles if we are still being honest, runs from San Pedro de Alcantara in the east and Estepona in the west.

The New Golden Mile has attracted roughly ninety percent of all the new construction that the coast has to offer.

Right in the heart of all the action!

Just a ten minute drive to Puerto Banus to the east and the same easy drive along the A7 to the west and you are in the bustling town of Estepona.

Twenty minutes drive takes you into the crown of the coast that is Marbella and an easy 45 minute drive you will find yourself at the airport of Malaga.

Seville, Ronda, Cadiz, Granada, Jaen and the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada are all close enough for day trips and the ‘not to be missed’ day out to Gibraltar or the North African city of Tangiers are all manageable in a single day.

What is it like?

This bustling little town, full of bars, cafes and some fabulous restaurants, is the home of locals and foreigners alike, who all enjoy the peaceful Spanish way of life.

There is no such thing as being in a rush in Cancelada and the town relishes its ability to ignore the action and chaos that the Costa del Sol thrives upon, instead treating its residents to a lazy hazy summer feel no matter what time of year.

They enjoy their ‘fiesta’ days like the rest of us and pretty much any time of the day you can rest your weary bones in the shade and enjoy an ice cold cerveza or a boosting cafe solo.

What’s in the area?

Cancelada has pretty much everything, either walking distance, or at the very worst, a short car journey.

The village itself boasts a handful of restaurants that are all fabulous and are all located in the village itself.

  • El Carnicero – Tripadvisor 4.4
  • Bodeguita Santa Maria – Tripadvisor 4.5
  • Restaurante El Legado – Tripadvisor 4.5
  • Restaurante Grill El Cortijo – Tripadvisor 4.0
  • El Tropezon – Tripadvisor 4.2
  • Restaurante La Sal – Tripadvisor 4.3

If you don’t mind a short walk through a balmy spanish evening, then you have maybe another eight restaurants within a ten minute stroll (including a Burger King if you really really must…)

There are golf courses and beaches galore on the Costa del Sol.

Within a ten minute drive of Cancelada you have probably ten golf courses ranging from the easy hack and swipe (my kind of course) through to the more finesse requiring courses such as Los Flamingos.

The nearest beach is not bad either!

Affectionately known by many as the Costa del Golf, the sport brings tourism to the coast on an all year round basis and ensures that places such as Cancelada are able to operate all year round too.

Supermarkets, banks, chemists, hairdressers, churches, post offices, hotels, shops, all manner of restaurants, cafes, bars etc are all available and all available on foot, along with some pretty nice beaches and chiringuitos (restaurants on the beach).

All in all, Cancelada has everything you may need and due to the flatness of the terrain, mobility for those on foot makes it easy to get around.

The Residents

The majority of residents are, in my opinion, some of the most valuable that the coast has to offer. Those that make the Costa del Sol tick.

Namely the service oriented people such as cleaners, gardeners, builders, hospitality workers etc.

Yes, there are some pretty impressive villas and developments scattered around the area, and Spain’s only six-star hotel is a stone throw away in the famous Los Flamingos resort, but the town itself, dating back to early 1800’s is Spanish through and through.

Why is it booming?

Apart from its superb location, there is one more inescapable fact that gives Cancelada an edge over its surrounding neighbors in the race for prosperity.

On the north west tip of the village is a swathe of land that has been pencilled in for development ever since the heady days of the mid 2000’s.

Today, the construction is underway and within 18 months of this being written, the new offshoot from the village of Cancelada, named Santa Vista, will be the home to over thirty ‘million euro plus’ villas and more than four hundred, state of the art, contemporary apartments.

The Santa Vista residents have just 100 meters to walk

All these new properties, whether being bought by investors, or those looking for a home in the sunshine, will be filled with sun lovers, golfers, watersport enthusiasts and those of us looking for perfect spot to relax and watch the world go by.

And we all look for the same thing.


For the forward thinking investors, these properties are being gobbled up at a super rate, but for the more savvy investor, the commercial premises are proving to be the gold mine that investors are constantly looking for.

Yes, it is true, that visitors to the Costa del Sol like to share the love and spend their money in a variety of places and ona variety of different things.

However, with a captive audience of up to three thousand people each and every week staying in the Santa Vista district, not to mention the thousands who already visit this village on a regular basis, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand what is going to happen.

Anyone who fancies being a landlord for a potentially booming business or someone who fancies being an owner of a booming business, then commercial properties can be bought from between €85,000 up to a whopping €12,000,000 and everything in between.

Places To Stay?

Like most areas of the Costa del Sol, Cancelada has a great selection of hotels that can fit any budget.

From the six-star Villa Padierna (or to call it its proper name the Anantara Villa Padierna Benahavis Marbella Resort) in the neighboring Los Flamingos to a budget hostel in the village itself, you can visit the area, enjoy the weather and round of golf, and see for yourself why the boom is well underway.

Cancelada village is on the mountainside of the main A7 arterial road that runs along the coast line, which can be crossed by various pedestrian bridges.

Hotels can be found on the beach side, such as the Iberostar Costa del Sol

Apartment Rental

If a hotel room sounds a bit too poky for your liking, then Terrasur Homes may be able to help you find some short term accommodation that suits you down to the ground.

There are plenty of choices for short term apartment rental (long term too if you have not got much else to do).

Whether it be a studio apartment with no views above a restaurant or a stunning villa with views over the Mediterranean, you can have anything you like.

Depending on the time of year will, of course, determine the price and possible availability, but for sure, you can find something that suits.

If you would like us to search the right property for your trip then drop us a line HERE, tell us what you have in mind and we will send you some choices to look at.

Property In Cancelada

Like with most places in the world, the cost of property varies hugely depending on what it is.

For example, you can purchase a small townhouse in the village itself for as little as €100,000.

This sounds attractive although you need to understand that you are unlikely to get all the snazzy trimmings, such as a swimming pool, it is even unlikely that you will get the bog standard option of a parking spot (but you never know).

On the other end of the scale you can purchase a brand new, contemporary villa, with sea views and a private pool and maybe four car spots for a cool €2,000,000 or more.

New build apartments can be bought from as little as €200,000 and very nice they are too.

Smart, clean lines and made of the most modern and technologically updated material available, the properties being built are environmentally and economically unbeatable.

Either way, rental income will be guaranteed and capital growth a foregone conclusion due to the imminent explosion that the village is about to witness.

The good news is the village itself will change very little regardless of the surrounding area as there is no room for anything to be built.

The foot traffic will swell and the benefits of our tourists euros will undoubtedly bring prosperity to the village, which no one, least of all me, will begrudge.

Off-Plan Cancelada

There are plenty of opportunities in Santa Vista to purchase not only completed properties, but also to buy into this boom at the lowest possible price through an off-plan project.

Have a look below at some of the options for apartments.

Symphony Suites – starting from €315,000

Oceana Views – starting from €240,000

Le Mirage Townhouses – starting from €260,000

Oceana Collection – starting from €370,000

If you fancy something a bit larger and think a villa is the right possibility, please let us know and we will send you over a selection to whet your appetite.

Should you need any advice or help regarding Cancelada property (for sale or rent) or have other specific questions then please send us a message HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can contact us on +34 951 278 350 or on +34 679 055 421.