Owning a Property and Living in La Campana,  Nueva Andalucia.

A Great Place to Live on the Costa del Sol. If you’re looking for a Marbella address then La Campana, Nueva Andalucia, is truly on the up!

Join in the progress of this village’s development before it’s too late!

A Brief History of La Campana, Nueva Andalucia.

La Campana was the main residential hub for the construction workers involved in the development of Puerto Banús back in the late 1960s.

Then, Puerto Banús was being transformed by local architect and property developer José Banús, into a lavish and sophisticated marina and shopping complex.

Almost 50 years on and the construction workers homes are still nestled in the center of the village. Around them are an arrange of villas, apartments and developments that give La Campana a homely feel, all the time being just an easy stroll from the beaches and glamour of Puerto Banus. 

A way of life for most residents living here, has been centred around the local amenities found along the main through-road Avda. Miguel de Cervantes.

I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain! – George Orwell

What’s Best About La Campana’s Location?

Firstly, it sits on the east side of the Guadaiza River.  San Pedro (another great town with a busy vibe) sits on its west side and again, just a short five minute car ride or a pleasant and flat twenty five minute stroll.

The Marbella town hall recognising the requirements of morning joggers, dog walkers, toddlers in pushchairs and cyclists, have recently completed a riverside walkway that connects La Campana to the beaches of San Pedro and Puerto Banús.

That big black fence must ruin the view!

If you take a walk northwards along ‘El Río Guadaiza’ you will eventually reach the dam (Embalse de la Concepción) situated near the pretty foothills of Istán and Río Verde.

Secondly, and as already mentioned, Puerto Banús is its neighbour.  San Pedro town (5 minutes away) can be accessed via a small bridge that crosses the river Guadaiza or the main highway A-7.   Marbella town is 8km away.

A Foodie’s Heaven

If you love to eat, then La Campana is for you. As with most Spanish villages dotted across the coast, La Campana has cuisine to suit all tastes and all budgets.

Starting with all our favourites…Churros with chocolate!

If it’s the weekend, start the morning with a delicious breakfast of churros dipped in thick, warm chocolate.   

The ingredients are simply flour, water and salt.

The key to a good, light churros is the quality and freshness of the olive oil, and also the skill of the ‘churrero’ the churro maker!

There’s a great Churrería in La Campana serving churros up until 12 noon.

Cafetería La Toscana.

Calle Quedado, 5

It’s open every day except Wednesdays.

Family Friendly Sports Bar

The Red Cloud sports bar has recently undergone refurbishments under their new management and rated 4.5 out of 5 in trip advisor (maybe got 5/5 if they did churros and chocolate)

It’s located at the top of the hill as you enter the village from Puerto Banús and is easily recognised by it’s large terrace that always appears to be full of people enjoying a drink or something to eat.

Upon entering, the first thing to catch your attention is its rustic style and cosy corners.

Here you can enjoy food from a great menu whilst watching the latest sport on their numerous multi-screens.

Some sports bars are avoided by those with young children but in our opinion, Red Cloud is a more refined establishment; a great family sports bar/restaurant offering food at great prices, free  wifi and parking.

Churros and chocolate…grrrrrrr!

Fine Dining in La Campana, Nueva Andalucia

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

When you see a restaurant whose outside terrace happens to be the entire length of the street and is filled with Spanish gentry, it’s a good one.

So, make sure you reserve a table in advance if you intend to eat there.

We are talking about the restaurant, El Mesón Arenal, Calle Quedado 11, (just up from Cafetería La Toscana).

El Mesón Arenal has been established in La Campana for more than 10 years and has a good reputation for it’s efficient service and high quality dishes.

Like many of the top Spanish restaurants, they don’t mess about with glamour and gadgets. Simple, home made, delicious food is their trade mark.

The La Campana Way of Life

During the summer months, many Spaniards head to the coast to escape the unbearable heat of inland Spain.  Most have second homes on the Costa del Sol and are happy to while away their summer days by getting up late, going to the beach late and dining out……late!

Those that have second homes here in and around La Campana most certainly head for El Mesón Arenal around 10pm and fill the street with their laughter and merriment as they dine ‘al fresco’ at one of La Campana’s best restaurants.

On The Increase

Albatros Residential

We see a big increase in new residential developments in La Campana.

Albatros VII and Los Jardines de Guadaiza.

‘Albatros’ apartments tend to popularise the lower, west side of the village.  Their aspect is very modern, clean looking and uniform. 

If you find them similar to the Playas del Duque residence in Puerto Banus then you are not mistaken, it’s the same developer Pyomar-Guadaiza.

The latest phase Residencial Albatros VII is strategically located close to all services and amenities offered by La Campana and neighbouring San Pedro; kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, medical centre, sports facilities and public transport.

Green zones, play-parks and avenues are found everywhere!

Another new development that is currently under construction is Los Jardines de Guadaiza.

Its enviable location is alongside the river and at the entrance to the pedestrianised boulevard towards  San Pedro beach.

Its close proximity to the municipal sports grounds should encourage you to take up basketball, tennis, padel and football if you don’t already play (or at least to spectate!).

As with all these new residential apartments and new villas appearing in La Campana, new commercial sites are being offered up for rent.  So if it’s a new business you’re keen to  start up, check out La Campana first.

If you are keen to know more about La Campana and would like to be shown around this vibrant village, one of our staff at TerraSur Homes has been living there with her family for the past 14 years! If anyone can give you the lowdown, she can! 

To search for properties in La Campana, simply follow HERE, enter the ‘La Campana’ in the address bar and off you go!