The Future of Estepona 

The future of Estepona is on the Mayor of Estepona’s  “Things To Do” List.

…and it includes a giant slide for pedestrians!

José María García Urbano, the current Mayor on Estepona is undoubtedly doing a fine job. A clear vision for the future of Estepona, an ever reducing debt and a ‘To Do List’ that will put many of his peers to shame.

Over one hundred things to do for Esteponas future health are on this list. Here are a few of the juiciest!

Monday Funday!

‘You want a lift to work this morning, honey?’

‘No, it’s OK, I’ll take the slide.’

It’s not something you will hear across the breakfast table in the morning, but give it a few more months living in Estepona, and that could end up being a common question.

I hope no one chubby get stuck half way down

Yes, the city of Estepona will soon be connecting two roads with a 38 metre giant slide for pedestrians!

  The town hall of has recently announced that Calle Reina Sofia will be linked to Calle Slovakia, via a pedestrianised pathway and a semi-circular, stainless steel slide.

They have clearly emphasised that the attraction should be safe for people of all ages and should be designed with the aim of being a sliding means of transport.  How unique!

They have already put out to tender the works that will eventually see an expansion of the park Los Niños by a further 14,000 ‘green’ square metres.

This project is included in the list of 100 measures that the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, aims to execute within the next five years.

The Athletics Stadium of Estepona

The city have also announced the town’s sports facilities will be expanded with the launch of a new Athletics Stadium. 

The mayor has indicated that the Athletics Stadium, whose construction works are at an advanced stage, is endorsed by the Spanish Athletics Federation.

I see the landscaping is coming on nicely!

They hope that the uniqueness of the new facilities together with Spain’s all year round sunny climate, will make the Athletics Stadium very attractive to elite athletes.

Having sports facilities as exceptional as this one differentiates us from other tourist destinations, because throughout the year we will have teams and athletes who will travel to Estepona for their training or competitions -José María García Urbano. Mayor of Estepona

The Athletics Stadium of Estepona  will consist of an athletics track occupying an area of ​​16,488 square metres, a two-storey car park and annexed facilities.

The new facilities will be a great attraction for professionals and amateurs, since they will allow, in addition to the practice of track activities, field activities such as high jump, long jump and pole vault. 

The Gran Fondo Costa Del Sol

If there is one thing the Spanish aren’t mad about apart from football, it’s cycling, which gives Estepona another box ticked. The ’Gran Fondo Costa del Sol’. 

This major cycling event will take place on the 14th of September 2019 and will see the participation of 2000 cyclists. 

The distance of 131 kilometres will begin at Parque de Estepona and reach the port of Peñas Blancas and will pass through the municipalities of Casares, Gaucín, Cortes de la Frontera, Jimera de Líbar, Atajate, Algatocín and Jubrique.

“Hang on…why is everyone else going that way?”

Estepona will on the map once again with this event, and will go someway to highlight its endless possibilities with regards to sport and big sporting events on a national level.

The town hall of Estepona is very wise to consider positioning itself in the cycle tourism market as it’s a sector that is currently on the increase.

The president of the Spanish Cycling Federation, José Luis López Cerrón, pointed out that Estepona, in addition to having the sea, has a magnificent natural environment that will capture the attention of many cyclists.

The Countdown

The mayor has every reason to be proud of Estepona and its forthcoming implementations to improve this beautiful town.


Because he and his fellow councillors are initiating these improvements whilst their municipal debt is decreasing!

Proof of this, is that he has just installed a screen in which he is reporting the municipal debt and how it has been reducing since 2011, when the PP (Partido Popular) acceded to the Mayor’s Office.

Then tourists were a bit confused by these new EU traffic lights

The panel indicates that in 2011 the debt was 300 million euros and today it is 143.804.775 euros.

The screen, which is located on the seafront in front of the roundabout of the European Union, will be updated as the debt decreases.

The mayor, José María García Urbano, explained that the objective of his team is to reduce the debt to zero within three or four years.

He explains that from that moment, the City of Estepona will be able to reduce by 50% the IBI and other municipal taxes.

This panel is a real-time indicator of transparency to the community of Estepona provided by responsible management, the town hall.

In Summary

Estepona is a town well-managed and with plenty of space for growth residentially, commercially and recreationally and the future is definitely bright.

It’s creative and innovative ideas will attract many to live in this wonderful part of the Costa del Sol or perhaps just to visit and test out the mega-slide!

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