If you ask the locals and foreign residents on the Costa del Sol about their favourite season of the year, almost everyone will say the fall. From September to December the coast benefits from great weather and perfect temperatures to do various outdoor activities. During September and October in particular, we are spoilt for choice as we can spend a day on the uncrowded beaches, or head to the mountains for a hiking trip in temperatures averaging 25 degrees. There is truely a lot to do and see.

I was very fortunate to come across Marbellabuddies on Facebook. This group organises hiking trips and other kinds of activities in the area. I signed up to go hiking up to la Cruz de Juanar which is a cross at the mountain top in Sierra Blanca, the famous mountains that sits behind Marbella and have become a famous landmark. Juanar is only 10 minutes drive from La Cañada shopping mall, so a nice drive
up the mountain and then meet up with the group consiting of around 12 people of all ages and nationalities and few very fit dogs. It’s definitely worth doing this sort of activities with a group in order to have the best and most organised day and of course to meet new or familiar faces that will make the trip that bit more enjoyable.

It took us a couple of hours to get to the cross and another couple of hours to come down. The whole round trip takes between 4 and 5 hours generally depending on the speed of the group and is a medium level difficulty, but the beautiful nature and the plenty of fresh air make it worthwhile. As for the scenery and views from the cross, they are out of this world, where you can see the whole coast, as well Gibraltar and Africa on a clear day. A memorable day not to be missed.

For us who live on the coast all year round, it is a blessing to be in an area that has so much to offer in terms of healthy living. Most of our activities are outdoors which in itself is a priceless thing and very difficult to find in other parts of the world.  I have promised myself to do more new things and go to new places and really try to live the coast to the fullest. I promise to take you with me on my short and long journeys through the south of Spain and hopefully be able to give you a small piece of this heavenly region.

Stay tuned as on our next trip we go to Frigiliana!!!