The region of Marbella is undoubtedly a great place to invest.

Extraordinary climate, fantastic access not just from Europe but far reaching destinations also, Marbella has long been a favoured tourist hot spot and will continue to be so.

But with some many new developments under construction, and budget and luxury choices at every turn, where on earth is the best place to buy?

The answer? Go where the smart money goes

Heading west from Malaga airport takes you on the A7/AP7 that is the main artery for the Costa del Sol.

The stretch that leaves Malaga by-passes Torrelominos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

These three destinations offer easy vacations for those who want the warm sunshine, and to be surrounded by bars, English breakfasts and the occasional Flamenco show.

Great locations to be sure, but not where the smart money goes.

La Cala, Riviera, Calahonda, Cabopino all pass by all with their own mini cultural differences and their own select choice of restaurants and entertainment…but still you are not there!

The friendly local told them of a lovely restaurant in Cambio de Sentido

Oh well, keep on driving and we reach the small town or Elviria.

We must be here right? The first destination in the whole of Europe to attract Marriott to build a five star resort and the first Costa del Sol destination to have a five star hotel ‘Don Carlos’.

Nope! Sorry. Keep on going. Not too far now.

We reach the Costa del Sol hospital kindly gifted to the citizens of the Costa del Sol by the late King of Saudi Arabia.

Surrounded by golf courses, villas, and up the mountains of Los Monteros such super views.

The five star Los Monteros hotel nestled on the beach side. Surely time to pull up and whip out the wallet?

Alas not yet. Keep going passed Rio Real and whatever you do after this please ignore all signs to Marbella…yes, you heard me right.

Don’t look left. Don’t look right but just keep looking at the road ahead.

Passed the famous Puerto Banus exit and through the tunnel that takes you under San Pedro.

Once you exit the tunnel, you can think about slowing down.

Just a few kilometers after the tunnel you see an exit for Benahavis. If you need fuel, now is a good time to stop for some.

There is a garage on the Benahavis exit, and, if you turn your head you will see what we have been looking for.

The magic word for investors in capital or lifestyle emblazoned in huge letters on the roundabout…Estepona

What’s So Special About Estepona?

Whilst Marbella has for many years been the epicenter of wealth and glamour Estepona nas suddenly become the proverbial noisy neighbor.

We knew we would find a good use for the job lot of purple paint

There are a few reasons for this slight shift in power (albeit slight…at the moment) and needless to say, the main player in this is none other than lovely money!

Things are much better than before; we don’t shift the paperwork for anyone who wants to invest here.

Estepona is on the way up, in a change of cycle. It’s like the starting gun has sounded for a new era for the city

Jose Maria Garcia Urbano

Why The Sudden Interest?

In a simple word: Management

The current mayor of Estepona a Sr. Jose Maria Garcia Urbano has performed what can only be called a small miracle.

While Marbella struggles under decade old aftermath of corrupt politicians, illegal building licenses and no doubt the suitcases full of cash, Estepona has deliberately, and steadily opened the doors to investors from all over the world.

Planning permissions, building licenses, occupation licenses and all the other associated steps to construction in Marbella have always had a ‘looseness’ allowing ethically challenged business people to make an extra buck.

But not so in Estepona. The land is less expensive and more there is more choice of legal land than in Marbella.

I know people who have been waiting for four years for the correct planning permission on a property in Marbella.

Estepona’s turnaround for the same paperwork is months…maybe less.

As a result, and being just a fifteen minute drive from Marbella, a huge 95% of all new developments being constructed have an Estepona postcode or a postcode from the towns and ‘councils’ to the west.

The lower cost of land, the ability for constructors to build and deliver in compliance with european regulations, the speed of the paperwork and a ‘town hall’ who welcomes foreign money like they should, and hey presto…you have a noisy neighbor.

The attractiveness for investors and tourists alike are too numerable to write here, but if you have the urge to invest in one of the European new kids then come for a visit…you will be pleasantly surprised.

Any information on Estepona or the property market in general, please feel free to contact us directly here and we will get in touch as soon as possible.