Are you trying to sell your property and want to make it stand out from the crowd?

Home staging helps sellers maximise their property potential in order to achieve a quick sale at the best price!

When it comes to selling your home, a touch of ‘make-up’ such as a lick of paint, changing cupboard doors or adding a fresh vase of flowers on the dining table will give your property the edge over hundreds of other homes currently on the market.

TerraSur Homes is often asked by their sellers what the tricks of the trade are and how their property can be planted firmly in the memory of a perspective  buyer and consequently out-shadow anybody else’s.

Firstly. let’s answer these 3 questions:

1.What is Home Staging?

If you were to visit the theatre, the stage may be set with props before the actors appear.  These props observed by the audience would probably enable them to make an educated guess at what the scene would be about.

In a similar way, home staging is applying ‘props’ such as soft home furnishings to create a scene of space and ambience, a perfect family life, tranquility and well-being or even high-class and stylish living. 

From small and subtle statements to the giving your home the wow factor, could entice a buyer to choose your property over another.

A well staged home can make all the difference between a quick and slow sale, from the clear and professional looking photographs to the tidy and immaculate front porch. 

staged lounge

2. Who offers this service?

Any homeowner with a flair for design can stage their home but if you are a non-resident with a property here on the Costa del Sol to sell, it is advisable to use a professional home stager. 

What you spend on the service, you will save on airfares!

Our staff at TerraSur Homes offer a professional home staging service. 

We assist home sellers with de-cluttering , organising and improving the home’s appearance. 

We can also advise on any minor repair jobs and arrange for them to be completed.  Our aim as home stagers is to draw the client in and focus their attention on all the great aspects of the property. 

That way the potential buyer can imagine themselves in the space.

3. Is it worth it?

Yes.  Buyers can find it difficult to envisage themselves in a home if it is empty and void of all furniture, fixtures and fittings.  Homes tend to look smaller if they are empty. 

The reasonable cost of an entire furniture pack to fill your home is worth the result of impressing a buyer.

Extra money spent on home staging means better photos and therefore better marketing material.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will acquire a higher selling price with its upscaled furnishings and glossy pictures, but it could mean a quicker sale in a relatively difficult market. 

Staging Tips

So if you are planning to put your house on the market but require a quick sale, the following recommendations should help you.

The Entrance. 

Welcoming and inviting.  Painted door, easy to read number/name, mowed lawn and blooming flowers in pretty pots.  Front windows washed and patio floor or pathway jet-washed.


Pretty obvious really that floors need to be mopped until they sparkle, windows cleaned until they shine and grouting between tiles scrubbed or re-grouted.


Any ugly furniture or furnishings need to go.  Open spaces with visible corners make a room look much bigger and as the saying goes, less is more.


Your style of shabby chic with ornaments reminding you of your travels placed around the living room won’t appeal to your viewer.  Also, framed photos everywhere of your friends and family won’t be appealing to anybody else either. 


Bright colours should be replaced with neutral and soft tones such as cream, white and beige.

Awkward areas. 

Make them functional.  For example the space under your stairs that’s a dumping ground for tools, boxes of Christmas decorations or bags of clothing ready to be taken to the charity shop could be cleared out and turned into a little office nook.  Perhaps a few bookshelves installed, a pretty light and a low stool could turn it into a cosy book corner.


Get rid of bad smells.  We’re not expecting you to start baking bread and grinding coffee granules for the perfect aroma but by placing perfumed toilet tabs under the rim and investing in a few plug-in scents isn’t going to break the budget and will make your home much more inviting.

TerraSur homes can help you stage your home. Contact us today to start the ball rolling.
As they say, first impressions are key and this is also true when it comes to selling your home. Let us help you prepare your property to attract the right attention and achieve maximum buyer appeal.