For a long time, Marbella struggled with its image, but in recent years the international jet set has again flocked to the southern Spanish coast. Marbella is now again the place in Europe for spoiled entertainment, luxury hotels, high-end real estate developments and fashionable seaside resorts.

“You could go to Ibiza. If you like to stand in traffic for six hours before you finally get to the center, you go to Saint-Tropez. And if you simply want to have fun with nice people and enjoy good restaurants, then you go to Marbella. “As unintelligible as his tongue is, one of the Marbella summer-residents analyses it so clear. Admittedly, the sharp-dressed tradesman is someone with insider knowledge, because he recently bought a luxury villa close to Marbella. But this lucky man, who wishes to remain anonymous, is not the only one who has found the way to the famous seaside resort on the Costa del Sol again.

Marbella is back

Although the ridiculous number of luxurious restaurants, supercars and cranes standing above the seaside town create the impression that it has never been different, the love of the fashionable seaside resort came and went like the waves of the sea in the last decades. Stars like Sean Connery, Joan Collins, Dolph Lundgren, Audrey Hepburn and Rod Stewart strolled about the Southern Spanish beaches in the seventies and eighties but left the sunny resort more and more in the following years.

Doubtful mayors, infected money, and rampant crime did little good to Marbella and led to nicknames such as Costa del Crime or Costa Nostra. Add to that an unscrupulous financial crisis and all the ingredients for a screeching jet set exodus were present. But that is all in the past. Currently, Marbella is enjoying its renowned image like never before.

Marbella is sun for the years to come

Now that earlier mentioned problems have subsided, the well-stocked tourists find themselves back in business on the Spanish beach. It is high tide in Marbella, with an abundance amount of tourists and jet set parading the beaches, and of course the vibrant nightlife of Puerto Banús. Unabashed enjoyment is allowed again! It is high time to take a dip in the pool, or visit jet-hotspots like Nikki Beach, Ocean Club, Naô, Mosh Kitchen, Olivia Valere and La Suite. You will be amazed by the enjoyable parade of luxury in Puerto Banús and Marbella. “Not everything here is what it seems. Or maybe it is!