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Property Running Costs

Once you have found the property you love, and have moved in, there are a few property running costs that will be due. Nothing too serious and a small price to pay for the enjoyment you will get by owning here on the coast, but knowing what they are certainly helps you plan. Below is a quick checklist and some guidelines what to expect I.B.I (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) Property Ownership Tax This is a yearly tax set locally (by the municipality) and ranges from 0.4%-1.1% depending on the region. The tax is based on the cadastral value of...

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The Buying Process

Purchasing A Home In Spain Are you considering buying a property in Spain?  How much research have you done? Terrasur Homes will set out to explain the buying process and terminology to help make your research just a little clearer. Since the global financial crisis of 2007/8, the Spanish property market has been regaining momentum. The Costa del Sol especially, has seen plenty of land being acquired by developers and magnificent new developments under construction and completed at a rapid pace. Thankfully, the old infamous Marbella days are becoming a distant memory. We now enjoy tighter regulations on bank...

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The Future of Estepona

The Future of Estepona  The future of Estepona is on the Mayor of Estepona’s  “Things To Do” List. …and it includes a giant slide for pedestrians! José María García Urbano, the current Mayor on Estepona is undoubtedly doing a fine job. A clear vision for the future of Estepona, an ever reducing debt and a ‘To Do List’ that will put many of his peers to shame. Over one hundred things to do for Esteponas future health are on this list. Here are a few of the juiciest! Monday Funday! ‘You want a lift to work this morning, honey?’...

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Living in La Campana, Nueva Andalucia

Owning a Property and Living in La Campana,  Nueva Andalucia. A Great Place to Live on the Costa del Sol. If you’re looking for a Marbella address then La Campana, Nueva Andalucia, is truly on the up! Join in the progress of this village’s development before it’s too late! A Brief History of La Campana, Nueva Andalucia. La Campana was the main residential hub for the construction workers involved in the development of Puerto Banús back in the late 1960s. Then, Puerto Banús was being transformed by local architect and property developer José Banús, into a lavish and sophisticated marina...

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Rent Your Property in Spain DIY

Five DIY Tips To Rent Your Property in Spain To rent your property in Spain with a bit of Do It Yourself can be quite easy. All you need is a bit of patience and renting your Spanish property on your own can be quite profitable. Buying a property on the south coast of Spain can turn a decent profit if you are willing to make it a ‘business’ and you are willing to put a little bit of effort into the process. Why DIY? The alternative to renting your property under your own steam is to employ the...

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