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Do I Need A Real Estate Agent If I’m Buying a House?

Is a realtor important, or can you save yourself some money and do it without? Sure, I may be very biased when it comes to truthfully answering this question but unless you are ready and prepared for what is in store, then yes, an estate agent is very important! I have always said to any client who has drawn the short straw and got me to show them around, that there are two difficult things associated with buying a property: Finding the right propertyPaying for it Everything else is taken care of and through my services and those provided...

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Engineering Makes A Revolution In The Real Estate Market

Marbella Real Estate Leads The Way To The Next Big Thing With An Engineering Revolution Imagine having to ‘lockdown’ for a couple of months again in the foreseeable future. Not allowed to go out, no socialising with friends, and being stuck in the house with just the four walls to keep you company. Well, for the forunate few, this might not be the case. Nestled in the coastal village of Bel Air, just a few miles west of the bustling Puerto Banus, is a villa that catches the eye, as it is very different from anything you’ve seen before....

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Estepona

Here’s a list of 7 interesting things you didn’t know about Estepona. If you already knew them then hats off to you! The best way to describe Estepona’s recent rise in popularity whilst Marbella has for decades enjoyed the limelight, is to say it is now the proverbial ‘noisy neighbour’. Estepona’s first traces of human existence can be put around 5,000 years ago. The Corominas Necropolis was found in the hills above Estepona in 2001 whilst work was being done to the highway just to west of the town. Dozens of individual skeletons were found with all the treasures...

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Covid 19 And Marbella Real Estate

With us all under Covid 19 lockdown, is now a good time to consider buying a property on the Costa del Sol? This Covid 19 has certainly put the real estate market in Marbella into a bit of a tail spin. But, I have got to say, that the timing to make a purchase has never been better. Now before you close the browser, hear me out! The world or real estate is full of statistics and facts that can impress or depress even the hardest money wise property owner. So before I get into the reality of it all, here’s a couple of stats that may prove a useful starting point. It is very true that those of us who live here on the Costa del Sol, enjoy all the trappings of one the most visited places on our lovely planet. We have superb weather, easy access from all over the world and an infrastructure to accommodate the millions who visit us every year, many of which will buy the holiday home of their dreams and plan to return year after year. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend long weekends and family holidays in the balmy mediterranean climate? Unfortunately, during times such as these, whether it be a global financial recession, or a global health scare, when people suddenly need to tighten the purse strings, it is...

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Home Staging on the Costa del Sol

Are you trying to sell your property and want to make it stand out from the crowd? Home staging helps sellers maximise their property potential in order to achieve a quick sale at the best price! When it comes to selling your home, a touch of ‘make-up’ such as a lick of paint, changing cupboard doors or adding a fresh vase of flowers on the dining table will give your property the edge over hundreds of other homes currently on the market. TerraSur Homes is often asked by their sellers what the tricks of the trade are and how...

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