Marbella Real Estate Leads The Way To The Next Big Thing With An Engineering Revolution

Imagine having to ‘lockdown’ for a couple of months again in the foreseeable future.

Not allowed to go out, no socialising with friends, and being stuck in the house with just the four walls to keep you company.

Well, for the forunate few, this might not be the case.

Nestled in the coastal village of Bel Air, just a few miles west of the bustling Puerto Banus, is a villa that catches the eye, as it is very different from anything you’ve seen before.

SH Urban by Sunhouse 360 looks ultra modern with its innovative concept and avant-garde style.

Its sleek and bold lines, imposing façade and original design, all go to make SH Urban an unmistakable landmark…in more ways than one.

Cutting Edge Technology

Built to the highest specifications, Sunhouse 360 gives those of us with an eye for the sublime, the chance to have a tailor-made villa with a difference.

In its reinforced concrete support foundation, is an ingenious device that consists of a 2.2kw motor that will silently rotate the villa at a luxurious 0.8 rpm. The rotating system will allow you to obtain maximum and minimum exposure to sunlight as well as the chance to position the house for different views. The combination of the rotating system, the large glass panes and the thermal insulation, makes this concept energy efficient by generating up to 70% of cost savings.

What views would you like to have today?

With a push of a sleek home automation button, or by use of a mobile application, you can instruct your house to follow the sun as it moves across the Mediterranean sky and follow it until its sets on the horizon.

Hot or Cold?

We are blessed, here on the Costa del Sol, with a Mediterranean weather that makes this place a favorite destination for millions, every year.

For many, when choosing a property to call home, the sun is king, and quite right too. People spend many hours visiting properties, wondering ‘When does the sun appear?‘, and ‘What time will I see the last of it?

In fact, I have an application on my phone that cleverly shows the path of the sun as the day ticks by, and it gets used…a lot.

The client and me gathered around the phone, squinting and nit-picking about when the sun will hit the terrace (‘Will I get it when I have my breakfast?‘) and when it will disappear in the evening.

Likewise, but not so often, we have customers who like the cool life. Yes, having the sunshine is good for the bones, but some only want a ‘splash’ of warmth in the house. Cool rules the roost.

Sunhouse 360 gives you the choice.

As easy to use as it is to enjoy, you can instruct the house to have a specific room follow the sun on its relentless journey across the sky or have it optimize efficiency. Your choice.

Innovative and Sustainable Luxury

The entire sunhouse 360 is geared up to be environmentally friendly, economical and power saving, bringing living spaces into the modern day.

With a lifelong guarantee and a multitude of options to make it your home of choice, the team at Sunhouse 360 works with you from design and conception through to the finished product.

Amazingly, Sunhouse 360 abides by all planning permissions and requires no more paperwork or expense than any regular property.

Providing you have the right size plot that allows the rotation cycle to remain off your neighbors land (which it will) then you are good to go.

For those of us who like the idea of a real ‘room with a view’, the Sunhouse 360 technology can be applied to a single room in your existing property, such as the master bedroom for instance.

All in all, Sunhouse 360 has paved the way to a new era of technology and home automation, even though the paving may be in a circle.

Viewing Is Easy

If you would like to view the SH Urban showhouse in Bel Air, get in touch with us today and we will arrange a viewing without trouble.

As your personal villa can be built entirely to your specifications, a visit to a finished product is always very helpful.

Ask us HERE for an appointment to view Sunhouse 360 and be one of the first to step into modern days.