Europe is full of beautiful destinations and enchanting cities, but if you have visited the Costa del Sol in the past, you know that it is hard not to fall in love with the land of sunshine that has everything to offer.

Whether for holidays or permanent residence, the south coast of Spain has always attracted people from all walks of life looking for quality living in this sought-after paradise, and here are some of the reasons why:



The Costa del Sol offers a unique lifestyle:

  •  Easy going and vibrant: the Costa del Sol is known for its relaxed and easy-going yet full of life mood, where plenty of things are happening night and day.
  •  Cosmopolitan: the Costa del Sol attracts tourists and residents from all over the world, making it a very international place. Here, you will be speaking many languages and making friends for life.
  •  Healthy stress-free lifestyle: 320 days of sunshine, 80 km of beautiful coastline and a renowned Mediterranean cuisine make the Costa del Sol one of the healthiest destinations in Europe.
  •  All about sports: from golf and water sports to equitation and skiing, you will find every sport you can imagine.
  •  Dazzling nightlife: the Costa del Sol is renowned for its exceptional parties, events and concerts and the many traditional celebrations that take place along the coast.
  •  Paradise for the little ones: the perfect outdoor life and the friendly Spanish attitude make this place very welcoming and secure for children of all ages.




The Costa del Sol is strategically located between Europe and Africa, and is very well connected to most cities by air, fast train or car. You can travel from anywhere in Europe and be lying on the white sandy beaches of Marbella by lunchtime, and later on be spending the evening experiencing the best of the Spanish culture and heritage in some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, such as Malaga, Seville or Granada.



Luxury v. low cost

Whether you are looking to spend your holiday or buy your second home in the sun, the Costa del Sol has something to suit all budgets and dreams. You can live the life of the rich and famous and rub shoulders with the stars in the glamorous Puerto Banus, or experience the authentic Spanish living by spending the day in the lovely town of San Pedro, only five minutes away, where you can have some of the best tapas in town and buy a thing or two from the traditional Thursday market. You can live the lifestyle of your dreams.


It is no surprise that millions of travellers head to the south of Spain every year, with the numbers being constantly on the rise. The perfect combination of nice weather, location and lifestyle makes this place a truly European paradise.

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