Things have certainly changed on our little green and blue planet haven’t they?

In the past six months, we have seen a global toilet roll shortage, centuries old statues being chucked in rivers, world class sporting events where you can hear a pin drop, and the biggest argument of the year has been how wide is two meters.

What a mess!

The lovely Costa del Sol coastline is home to a little over 500,000 full time residents, and, like most civilised places, we have managed to keep a handle on the situation.

We simply followed the instructions that were given and got on with it. After all, it’s too bloody hot to argue.

Wandering about a supermarket with a homemade biohazard suit on trying to open a plastic bag to hold apples, with gloves made of the same material, a mask and steamed up glasses, provided us all with hours of endless fun…not!

Everyone had to change something to some sort of degree, but not so much as some businesses.

Some businesses have realised that they don’t need big fancy offices. Instead, they can train and motivate their staff to work from home.

Believing they can encourage their new home-based workforce to rise at the crack of dawn, put in a 23 hour shift (no breaks) and improve the company’s bottom line is proving a big temptation.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones who can take advantage of this new ‘lifestyle’, perhaps you should consider working from home, but in a place that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle!

3 Reasons To Work Remotely On The Costa del Sol

With the lockdown over (for now anyway) it seems that many people are re-evaluating their priorities, and remote working is a fabulous option if you are lucky enough to have a role that allows it. Here are three reasons the Costa del Sol is for you.

1. We Have Better Weather Than Where You Are Now

Yes, we do!

Even when we were in full lockdown and only allowed out dressed like bank robbers, we still had the glorious climate to keep us upbeat.

I suppose it is inevitable that those of us who live here on the coast, take the climate for granted.

The lazy, hazy and balmy days that we enjoy here, pretty much all year round, leaves some of us missing the ferocity of a proper storm.

However, we can only take so much of the rain before we would get what has conveniently been labelled by scientists as Seasonal Affective Disorder, that gloomy feeling when the sun simply stops shining for what seems like forever.

Even in the depths of our winter, you can still fling open the windows in the morning, say hello to the squawking parrots in the trees outside and embrace the warmth of the sun.

Yes, it occasionally rains, and when it does, it’s usually biblical and provides everyone with a free adrenalin rush, but this happens so infrequently, that when it does, we all kind of enjoy it.

As a kid my family holidays would be spent on a wild beach somewhere in North Wales and we would all be wrapped up like some arctic explorers, so a few decades later and I find myself on the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean, I can hardly believe my luck.

Four months of not leaving the house, simply staying home and ‘working’, let me understand just how lucky we are to live here.

The families stuck in other parts of Europe and the world, in the inner cities, housing estates and towns, did not have the climate to keep their moods buoyant.

Being allowed out for my two hours of exercise a day, dressed in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops made life so much more bearable and dare I say it…productive.


So, let us presume for a moment that you are sold on the idea, and decide that a move to warmer climate is the best thing you can do. How do you know it will work out?

You don’t. As much as we enjoy living and working here, it does not suddenly turn everyone into self-motivated, lean, mean production machines.

But, we do have the infrastructure to take away all the excuses.

Imagine a scenario when the phone rings and it is your boss and he / she tells you “There has been a development. The last person in to HQ is getting fired”, you will be pleased to know that we can get you back to the head office quicker than someone at the other end of your home country.

2019 saw nearly 20 million pairs of feet pass through Malaga airport either disembarking or boarding on 145,000 flights from over 20 major airlines.

That’s a lot.

If you end up living in Torremolinos, you are 10 minutes away for the airport, or if you end up in Sotogrande you are just over an hour away. Either way, access is easy.

The AP7 toll road, cuts away the coast and for a fee (rumours abound that this may be waived), you can save yourself 15 minutes on an airport run, or, you can take the scenic route and meander along the A7 coast road.

Either way, it is a straight line.

The high speed AVE train network can whizz you at about 300 kmh to most major Spanish cities and in under 3 hours you can be at Madrid airport for any intercontinental flights that might be thrown in your direction.

We have all the usual methods of transport and unlike many cities, they seem to run surprisingly regularly and accurately.

Mind you, all work and no play is not too healthy, so the Costa del Sol gives you the chance to visit beautiful cities such as Seville and Cadiz, Granada and Malaga and the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, are all an easy day trip.

Even Algarve in the south of Spain is only 4 hours drive.

Gibraltar and the north coast of Africa are all day trips, longer if you want them to be, and there is abundance of the more offbeat trips to mountain walks, wineries, olive plantations and the like.

All easy to find, all easily accessible and all on your doorstep.


There have been dozens of books, and literally tens of thousands of blog posts and newspaper articles written on the lifestyle that we have here on the coast.

So what can I possibly tell you that you don’t already know or at the very least, take an intelligent guess at?

Not much to be honest, other than maybe a slice of honesty.

Living on the Costa del Sol has its ups and downs just like anywhere else. but these articles and the blogs all seem to be targeted at the same people.

Tourists are tempted by the sunshine, sand, sea and Sangria. Even in the quiet months, the favoured hotspots for celebrities, where us mere mortals can run up and snap off a selfie with a famous person, will be busy.

Sports personalities, actors, reality TV stars along with the more infamous, all gather in certain spots to flaunt their wealth and enjoy a good meal and dance the night away.

The ultra wealthy are attracted by the safety and security, along with little nuggets like “There are more Ferraris per square mile in Puerto banus than anywhere else in Europe, including Monaco”. They can show off whenever they like before returning to their mansions in La Zagaleta or one of the other gated communities the coast offers.

The retired are attracted by the climate that takes it easy on their aching bones and muscles, and the fact that they can swim in the Mediterranean more or less all year round.

Top quality spas and salons, holistic practitioners, yoga classes, renowned masseuses, all add to the allure for those who want to be easily accessible to their loved ones but want to live the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Golfers are attracted by the simple fact that we have nearly 100 golf courses on the coast, from cheap and cheerful pitch and putt, to the expensive and exclusive Valderrama near Sotogrande.

They can hack and swipe their way around a different course every day for months if they so wish.

All these things attract people because of the lifestyle on offer.

But working here is slightly different.

When you live and work on the coast, you have the best of all worlds as you can choose what you want and when you want it.

We are not cramming all the experiences into a two week vacation, nor do we have the resources to retire and enjoy them at our leisure.

Instead, we are working and we have the time and resources to explore, try things, and integrate into the local society in anyway we feel comfortable.

You will find and enjoy your favorite golf course, restaurants, cafes, beaches, hairdressers.

You will know the best butchers, the best supermarkets, the best shops, and the best Rioja on the market.

Whatever your hobbies, we have it here and you will, by default, meet like-minded people.

Football, rugby, running triathlons, swimming, fishing, yachting, scuba diving, yoga, weight lifting, paragliding, motor racing, rambling, charity work…whatever you want, we have it.

Yes, we have to put up with a bit of ‘mañana’ syndrome, but who cares when it’s 30C outside, and the fact that everyone wants to be a civil servant doesn’t really help, but so what.

It’s warm, beautiful, full of fascinating stuff to do and all wrapped up in a cosmopolitan and international laid back and friendly package.

Who in the right mind would say no to that?

Why not start the process now?

Hit the button below, tell us what you have in mind regarding renting or buying a property here and we will be happy to help.